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 Casa Bartoli ( 1905 - 1906 )

piazza della Borsa

Arch. Max Fabiani

In Piazza della Borsa, lies one of the most beautiful examples of Art Nouveau protorazionale of the entire city: Casa Bartoli (1905-1906), the fruit of the imagination of Max Fabiani. If the definition of Liberty protorazionale may seem obscure, almost contradictory in itself, it is possible, however,
Understand its full meaning observing carefully building: here, in fact, the modernity is not so much represented by floral decoration on the facade - which, however, in the original project was to prove more simple and almost abstract; it is much more,Fabiani finds the solution for the new demands for multi-functional building.
From the beginning, part of the structure of Casa Bartoli,was reserved for the economic activity, with the presence of shops and offices.

The basement, which were used as warehouses and commercial shops, have large windows; the veranda, characterized by elegant cast iron elements, it also served as winter garden of a kosher restaurant, which allowed the orthodox Jews to remain in the commercial area even during the lunch hour,
while the passage between the "public" and private houses is marked by long, elegant balcony placed just above the porch.
He thinks to move the entrance from the main facade, facing the piazza, to a small recess on the left side and, also,he uses in the construction stage the reinforced concrete, at the time reserved only to port facilities.