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Fabiani  Max(imilian)  (San Daniele del Carso / Âtanjel 29.4.1865 - Gorizia 12.8.1962)

 He was a teacher of History of Ancient Architecture at Polytechnic in  Vienna . He studied at Polytechnic in Vienna, where he kept on teaching decorative art. In 1895 he realized the urbanistic plan of Lubiana - Ljubljana. He worked very much in Vienna and also in Bled, Salzburg, Bozen, Venice, Trieste, Gorizia, as well as in Gradisca, Lucinico, Merna, Ronchi. In  1917 he was appointed Head of the office for the reconstruction in  Gorizia.  He designed also odd war or flying machines. He was an exponent of the urbanistic culture of the early years of 1900.

Works: Casa Bartoli a Trieste

Translation by  Irene de Angelis-Curtis