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Gottardo Gussoni ( Torino 1869- Villastellone 1951 )

An unbelievable eclectic author, collaborator of the major studios of  architects working in Turin at the beginning of the century,  he realized also numerous projects. Among the most ambitious ones, we find the plants for the thalassotherapy at Alassio.  He is known for his very recognizable taste for “ heavy” architectonic decoration, a decoration that seems winding upon itself.

Works :

  • 1901: villino Raby - corso Francia, 8 Torino
     Baroque small villa, built with the “ gracefully” Pietro Fenoglio
  • 1918-20: Palazzo della Vittoria - corso Francia, 23 Torino
     late and very personal interpretation of the neo Gothic tradition from Turin. Excessive!
  • 1914: via Duchessa Jolanda 17
     Built with  Vivarelli
     Impressing, it shares with the following house, the delicious stables in the yard.
  • Villa Zanelli a Savona

Translation by  Irene de Angelis-Curtis