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Giuseppe Brega (Urbino, 1877 1960)

 italian architect.

Pupil of Diomedes Catalucci, in his young age made a fresco in the villa 'Montale' of Ettore Baiardi, near Urbino. After the diploma of the Royal Institute of Fine Arts of the Marche, Brega, moved to Pesaro and began his career as an artist, decorator, architect and teacher of design.
Work first in the industrial ceramics farmauceutico Oreste Ruggeri  whose was also art director. As a result, from 1902 to 1907, he realized an important work liberty with Ruggeri, in the construction of the Villa Ruggeri. For this work also design furniture, interior decoration, elements in iron and external decorations. In 1905 he painted the poster for the bathing season of Pesaro entitled 'a window on the Lido' with a female figure on the sea shore.

Opere: Villino Ruggeri  a Pesaro ( 1902-1907 )