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SOMMARUGA GIUSEPPE  (Milano 1867-1917)


He Studied with Camillo Boito at the Accademia di Belle Arti  of Brera. He was educated  in the critical eclecticism of his teacher, but Sommaruga took the new way of  Modernism, becoming one of the most valid exponents of the "Italian floreal Style."

His main works:

Palazzo Castiglioni in Milan (1901 -1903)

Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori in Varese ( 1908 )

Villa Faccanoni (1907) in Sarnico

Villa Surre ( 1912 ) in Sarnico

Mausoleo Faccanoni ( 1907 ) in Sarnico

Tomba Macchi nel Cimitero di Giubano ( Varese )

and other  chaples votive  in various cemeteries in Lombardia.