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Aleardo  Villa

Ravello (SA) 1885 – Milan 1906


He attended the Accademia di Brera in  Milan and was a pupil of Giuseppe Bertini and Bartolomeo Giuliano. He was an excellent and refined portrayer, from 1891 he had many exhibitions with paintings among which the great picture “Consolatrix Afflictorum” is well known, where he privileged female images. He was one of the main authors of Italian poster art and collaborated to Ricordi in Milan, where he realized  some very famous posters for Magazzini Mele from Naples. He cooperated with other graphic firms with successful creation of posters, influenced by the French graphics, mainly  Chèret. He was one of the authors that linked XIX and XX century , and left a lasting  print in the poster art of wall affiches.
He committed suicide on the 31st December 1906.

translation by Irene De Angelis Curtis