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Federico Seneca    Fano ( AN )  1891 Casnate (CO ) 1976.


He was born at  Fano on the 9th August  1891out of a wealthy family.

He gets his diploma at Fine Art Academy from Urbino in 1911, and it seems that after his studies he meets and collaborates with Marcello Dudovich, who inspired him for the advertising posters of  "Fano Stazione Balneare".

He spends a period in  Rome, at the house of a relative who was an important priest with his office at the Vatican.

From 1919 Federico Seneca stars his collaboration as a graphic  advertisement designer with the firm Perugina.

In 1925 Perugina gets associated to another factory Buitoni and he becomes the manager of the advertising office for both.

In mid 20s, his style is fully defined , there is always a unique figure with remarkably plasticity and impressive  persuasion. He was influenced by Cappiello, firstly, and then by the  postcubist graphics.

On the  27th  December1925 he gets married to a girl from Perugia, they will have an only son in 1934.

In 1929 he wins his first prize at the Exhibition of Posters in Monaco, Baviera.

In 1932 he moves to Milan , where he starts his career of independent poster designer and produces advertising posters.

His production is made of not more than thirty posters between 1919 and 1955 and he privileged commercial and marketing advertising.

Notable are his works for Perugina and Buitoni, famous is his drawing on the chocolate box of "Bacio Perugina".

In 1969 he moves with his family to Casnate (CO )where he dies in 1976.

He is considered one of the most original and innovative advertising designers in the world .

                    translation by Irene De Angelis Curtis