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 Andrea Petroni ( Venosa 1863 - Rome 1943)

Like other artists from Lucania, Andrea Petroni could study painting at “Istituto delle Belle Arti” in Naples, thanks to the funding that the Provinces of his region, Basilicata, gave  to young people from poor families, youngs endowed with intelligence and willingness. He was born at Venosa on the 8th July 1863, after primary school he starts working as a copyist at the register office from his birth town. He was noticed for his graphic capabilities of “vero” sketching, he gets the grant and moves to Naples, with the wish to attend the lectures of Domenico Morelli. In 1910 he takes part to an exhibition in Buenos Aires and to the international exhibition of  IX Venice Biennal. In 1911,for the last time he shows two of his works in Naples at 'Salvator Rosa', the ones “ Nel bosco di San Cataldo” and “Tra Accettura e Stigliano”, that were both bought by Giustino Fortunato. He moved to Rome, where he lived for 30 years; he was asked to decorate the little Parliament of the Ministry of Agriculture, a work that was realized from 1924 to 1929 with the cycle: Carbone Bianco, Vendemmia, Pastorizia, Arance, Pesca, Olivi, in which he makes experiments about old techniques; this work deserves the compliments of Gabriele D'Annunzio.

translation by Irene De Angelis Curtis