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Orlando Orlandi,  

was born in Lucania at Grassano in 1875, and died in Milan in 1935 (out of a peritonitis).

His ancient and rich family let him try his fortune. After his classical studies in Florence, where he met his girlfriend Erminda Lensi, he eventually married in Milan in 1906.

It is reductive to consider him a simple painter, actually he was an excellent graphic, a well known colourist, a skilful draftsman  and an infallible prospect designer.

In Milan he was among the first to devote mainly to advertising Poster and to the naval chassis designer. In his works, known for their mythological and fancy accents, he used all the techniques available for his time such as photography, and he made resort to his great ideographical ability. He performed in the 20s and 30s in Florence and  Milan, he realized excellent graphic posters, with  geometrical lines of Futurist  inspiration.

Among his most famous works we can remember the cycle of posters  "Conte Verde e Conte Rosso" realized for the steamers  LLoyd Sabaudo, the posters "Borsalino", “Necchi” and "Cicli Cellina".

Works:  posters
( biography by courtesy of Fabio Orlandi -
translation by Irene De Angelis Curtis )