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Manuel Orazi    Rome  1860  -  Paris 1934

He is a skilful lithographer with a symbolic theme. He is famous for his superb exotic themes .
Among his posters we notice his works for:  Aben-Hamet for a melodrama opera by Dubois, in 1884 and Thais by Massenet in 1894, and La Maison Moderne,  that must be considered among the masterpieces of the Art Nouveau graphics. Remarkable are the affiches for Sarah Bernhardt in Teodora, for the dancer Loie Fuller and the film Atlantis in 1921. His posters, skilfully printed by  Delanchy, Lemercier and Minot, were sometimes produced in collaboration with Gorguet. This French-Italian artist was also a designer of jewels for La Maison Moderne and illustrated several journals - such as Paris NoŽl and Le Figaro -  and books - Le Fleurs du Mal by Baudelaire, Petite Ville by Lorrain.

translation by IreneDe Angelis Curtis