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Laskoff  Franz   

(Bronberg, Polonia 1869 – Inghilterra 1918/21 ?)

Polish illustrator.

 A decisive influence in this transition from Art Nouveau to a simpler graphic style had been the arrival of Franz Laskoff at Ricordi in 1901. Laskoff (1869-1918) was born in Poland, had study in Strasburg,and worked briefly in Paris before coming to Milan in 1898. His style was strongly influenced by England’s Beggarstaff Brothers, who reduced Art Nouveau to its graphic essentials. The Beggarstaff’s influence, along with that of the Japanese wood block print, is clear in his five masterpieces for Mele and his many works for Ricordi musical performances. Although Laskoff only stayed in Italy until 1904, his style had a decisive impact at Ricordi.

Nice example of his style are Costina’s Coffee (1901), Magazzini Mele di Napoli (1902) and the socialist newspaper “Avanti!” (1903).

Works: Posters