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Roberto Franzoni 
Bologna 1882  - 1960

While attending the Fine Art Academy in Bologna, he produces interesting drawings, watercolours, oil paintings, parchments, decorative boards, small tapestries under the influence of Mucha and his decorative style.

His style is peculiar for its neat lines, the clear disposition of colours and hues, the excellent definition of figures, as if they had been cut and assembled in colourful puzzles. He remained faithful to these schemas for more than fifty years of his prolific activity, that was characterized by this personal anachronistic coherence. He didn’t like to organize exhibitions and maybe considered himself unappreciated. From the start of XX century he devoted to poster art with several refined posters, such as L’ Avvenire d’ Italia, Bologna-feste di primavera and others, not to mention his posters to advertise the Adriatic Riviera. His poster for the film Marc’ Antonio and Cleopatra of 1913,  has been dated 1925 in a wrong way, due to its geometrical ornamental motives,  forerunner of the Déco style.

Roberto Franzoni

Translation by Irene De Angelis Curtis