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Gino De Finetti
( Pisino d’Istria 1877 - Gorizia 1955)

painter, poster designer and comic strip designer

He spent his youth in Munich, Paris and  Berlin where he could express his graphic skill  in works meant for the illustration of famous magazines  (”Simplicissimus”, ”Jugend”, ”Berliner illustrierte Zeitung”, ”Lustige Blätter”, ”Dame”). He may have worked  also as a costume designer. He created scenery sketches  and posters for a German motion picture  firm ; he realized the  decoration of several Berliner theatres. Once back to  Gorizia in 1934, he worked until his death. He took part to the Venice biennial exhibitions as well as to the quadrennial ones in Rome.  His works are in the Museums in  Gorizia, in the Contemporary  Art Gallery at Gradisca; and there is a Via Crucis in the parish church in the village of Corona.

Works: Posters

( translation by Irene De Angelis Curtis )