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Codognato Plinio   -  (Verona 1878 - Milan 1940)

 Italian illustrator

 He attended the Academy from  Verona, where he eventually met Mosé Bianchi, director from 1899. he devoted to advertising graphics and to illustrations, thus becoming famous. At the beginning he worked mainly in  Verona, where he realized the posters for the Big Horse Fair and for the lyrical seasons of Arena. He worked out a style with a flimsy and ironic note, inspired to Belle Epoque.  He contributed to several magazines :  “Varietas”, “Il Secolo XX”, “L’Illustrazione italiana”, “La Lettura”, “La Tradotta”.

During the First World War he realized a series of postcards with military theme that were distributed to the soldiers. After the war he was given the task of designing advertising posters, postcards and other graphic materials for the major factories in Lombardia – among which Pirelli, Atala, Campari, Cinzano – and he realized those works showing some influence with Déco.  

From 1923 to 1927 he dealt with one sheets, catalogues, postcards for Fiat, Turin.

The most appreciated works of Codognato are the ones in which the theme of speed has been touched, these works have a strong expressive force.

Some works of his are at the Salce Collection in Treviso and at  Raccolta Bertarelli in  Milan.

( translation by Irene De Angelis Curtis )