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ACHILLE BELTRAME ( Arzignano di Vicenza 1871 – Milano 1945 ) 

After his first study in Vicenza he went to  Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano pupil of Giuseppe Bertini and Francesco Havez.

Achille Beltrame was the most famous and celebrated illustrator in Italy in the first half of the 20th Century. He compite at "Triennali di Brera" of 1891 and 1894, as well as at the"Esposizione nazionale di Torino" on 1898.

As illustrator he work for Magazzini Mele di Napoli.

Beltrame collaborate also with Officine grafiche Ricordi

from the beginning of this century  working with Metlicovitz, Malerba and above all with Villa.

His paintings are by Accademia di Brera and Ospedale Maggiore di Milano.

Beltrame edited most of the cover pages of the magazine “La Domenica del Corriere”, published by the Milanese newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera”, from its foundation in 1899 until 1945.