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Gaetano Orzali
( Lucca 5 marzo 1873 Genoa  1954 )

Italian  Architect

He studies architectonic design at The Fine Arts academy in Florence, where he gets his diploma in 1897.

His first project, in the same year1897, is of XIX century architectonic tradition.

In 1902 he moves to Genoa, where he lives until his death, even though he kept relations with Lucca for all his professional life. It is in these first years of the century, that the stylistic language of Gaetano Orzali undergoes a renewal, approaching the Liberty repertory.

To respond to the aspirations and needs of the entrepreneurial middle class from Lucca, Orzali designs some buildings, among which excels Villa Ducloz, now Barsani 1903 , that is characterized for the striking Liberty style. Orzali is active also in Viareggio, where he realizes several woks.


Villa Ducloz  Lucca

Villa Simonini  Lucca

Villino Chiozzolini  Viareggio


Translation by  Irene de Angelis-Curtis