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Sante Mingazzi ( Ravenna 1867- Bologna 1922 ),

Skilful artisan who worked in  Emilia Romagna, especially in Bologna, where he distinguished in the production of valuable glass and beaten  iron  penthouses, such as the one in via Massimo D' Azeglio in Bologna. He was in the Aemilia Ars group, named " Society protecting arts and decorative industries in the Aemilian region", founded in 1898 in Bologna by a group of nobles and artists, who gathered around the architect - restorer Alfonso Rubbiani and the Earl  Francesco Cavazza. The society was active until 1903, with the aim of promoting productive commercial activities and re-qualifying decorative arts, as well as  objects for the usage of daily life.

Works: Wrought iron Marquise with glass, 

             Workshop nameplate


Several of his  works are at the Civic Museum of Industrial art and at the Galleria Davia Bargellini
Strada Maggiore, 44 - 40125 Bologna
Tel: 051-236708

Translation by  Irene de Angelis-Curtis