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Fratelli Minardi - Ceramics Factory in Faenza

 The factory for the production of ceramics "Brothers Minardi Ceramics Faentine" is founded by Virginio and Venturino Minardi in Faenza in 1899, on the premises of the former ceramics factory of Joseph Ghinassi  in via degli Infermi.

The factory produces high quality ceramics with technique and style. Because of the economic hardships, the production and gains are low,  Virginio decides to leave Faenza and go to work in France by the factory "Hospied" where it takes new techniques but also is aware of the new styles, Pre-Raphaelite and  Art Nouveau.

In the early years of the century, some of the products marketed by the company are made from the prototype Co-operative Society "Aemilia Ars" in Bologna.

In 1903 Venturino marries the rich French noblewoman Caterine Lefèvre. With his wife decides to build a large ceramic factory in Faenza, in  Baccarini street, where to transfer the manufacture and asks his brother to return to Faenza.

In 1904 the manufacture takes place in the Exhibition Regional Romagna Ravenna.

In 1908 he was awarded the first prize at the Biennial Exhibition of Art Romagna

In 1907 Venturino dies of an unknown illness and his brother Virginio continued production until 1912 when, perhaps poisoned by lead showcases, dies too.

Starting from 1913 for a period of time the factory is managed directly by some of the workers who work there.

With the advent of World War I, only four members are working at the factory, who are taking some very young and women including the brothers Ugo and Giuseppe  Jacchia , Emma Pozzi and Clorinda Pompignoli .

At the end of the war the factory remains in the hands of Francesco and Luigi Castellini Masini and in 1922 the "Brothers Minardi Ceramics Faentine " closes , premises and equipment manufacturing are detected by the industrialist Ravenna Umberto Focaccia that , in company with Pietro Melandri , former official of the " Minardi " , founded the important ceramics factory " Melandri and Focaccia ."

The mark of manufacture " Minardi Brothers Pottery Faentine " consists of the letters "MF . Faenza " and the years following the death of Virginio Minardi mark is affixed in the letter " S" which shows the society .

At the  pottery school of the factory " Minardi ", work the best talents as Alfredo Biagini , Almerigo Masotti , Domenico Baccarini , Achilles Wildi , Paolo Zoli , Anselmo Bucci, Ercole Drei , Luigi Bertoni , Pietro Golfari  and Riccardo Gatti.

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