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Gioacchino Luigi Mellucci (Curti, 11 gennaio 1874  Napoli, 30 aprile 1942)


 was an Italian engineer , professor of mathematics and physics, and author of great architectural works whose technical innovations , regard  the use of reinforced concrete
He graduated from the Royal School of Application of Naples, and in 1900 began his construction activity . His first work fits perfectly with the Art Nouveau style in vogue at that time , between 1900 and 1920, the Art Nouveau reached the maximum spread in the city of Naples.
This style was developed with a certain relevance in the hilly districts of Naples ,  Vomero and Posillipo ; notable buildings admirable in via Luigia Sanfelice ,via Palizzi and Parco Margherita. Common themes in the Neapolitan liberty are the massive use of materials such as wrought iron and glass, the recurring presence of towers and pillars, the widespread use of stucco and decorative floral motifs and ornamental, the curves of the cement.
During this period, his work occurs mainly in the design and construction management for the renovation of the Palazzo Buono, located in Via Toledo for placing the headquarters of La Rinascente , with the articulation of its buildings that draw space terrace trapezoidal Hotel Bertolini , where is evident the taste revivalist insertion of a Moorish arch , the Terme di Agnano ; Frenna Villa - Scogliamiglio , a residential building located in Via Domenico Cimarosa ; Palazzo Leonetti , located in Rione  Amedeo and other buildings located in Via dei Mille .

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