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Ettore Fagiuoli  (Verona 1884 - 1961 )

Architect, his name is linked to important realizations: in Verona the Bridge of Victory, the Palazzo delle Poste, the unfinished reconstruction of the tower bell of the Dome, in Padua the seat “ Sede del Ḅ”, in Florence the bridge “ Ponte della Carraia” and many others in several towns. Starting from 1913 up to  1950, he was the creator and designer of scenes and scenarios for performances. His first experiences, in the field of carving, belong to the  second decade of the century. He portrayed picturesque corners of Verona, flowery gardens, sights and ends of towns.  In his works we can find the mere technical root of an architect: the scansion of the plans and the minuteness and preciosity of details assume an important place. In his early etchings the usage of hatch and aquatint is frequent, while in his older period, from  1930 to 1945, there is a  progressive abandon of aquatint. He has participated to several exhibitions among which he was quite often at the  Biennale of Venice.

His Works: Verona

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Translation by  Irene de Angelis-Curtis