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Giovan Battista Bossi
(Novara, 5 Maggio 1864 Milano 26 Luglio 1924)

Architect, designer of important Art Nouveau buildings in Milan.

Son of Francesco Bossi and Teresa Arena , was directed to study engineering by his father enrolled him at the Technical University of Pavia. However, he felt more attracted to painting and after a year he enrolled at the 'Academy of Brera where he studied under the painter Eugene Grignous.

In 1888 he married Ida Gadda, daughter of the contractor Gadda Peter, who played for much of his work as an architect (Gadda home, house Bossi, Newsstand Gadda). He left the academy and enrolled in a special school of architecture in 1889 where he won a prize with a bronze medal in the third grade of school of architecture and an honorable mention to the school perspective.

In 1894 obtained the title of professor of architectural design.

In 1900 he was elected honorary member of the Brera Academy and later was also part of the Archaeological Council.

He worked until 1904 in Via Fatebenefratelli 21 in Milan, later moved to Piazza Oberdan 4, to better monitor the work of Casa Alessio and Casa Bossi in Monforte district.
 In 1905 he was part of the editorial of Italian architecture and the Board of Examiners of the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano, together with the architect Giuseppe Sommaruga, Moretti, Ulisse Stacchini , in 1910 he was appointed Knight of the 'Order of the Crown of' Italy. In 1906 he participated at the 'International Exhibition of the Sempione for which he designed Hall of Peace in classical style. His production slowed down, and then ended because of World War I, his last work was in fact the design of the house of the Conti brothers in Corso Magenta 84 in Milan, completed in 1913.

He died in 1924 at the age of sixty.

According to C. Guenzi "compared to the production of Moretti, Sommaruga, more monumental and striking, that one of Bossi is actually much more significant, from the typological point of view, research from penetrating beyond the walls: plants of the dwelling houses of GB Bossi are expertly designed with economy of space, the ventilation solutions, lighting, technical rooms and stairwells are so ingenious as to place his work at a level quite different from most of his contemporaries. "

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Casa Guazzoni (Milan), Casa Galimberti (Milan)