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Angiolo Badaloni (Livorno, 1849 Livorno, 1920)

Italian architect and engineer.

As chief architect of the Municipality of Livorno designed and oversaw the construction of some important public and  private buildings: around the eighties of the nineteenth century follows the construction of the Naval Academy (though designed by Louis Pestalozza) and later built the "Micheli" elementary schools (1889, then raised an additional floor) and "Antonio Benci" (1893), the latter obtained in the  Poerio square.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century created his major works, derived mainly from traditional plants, but updated in some details and ornamentation to the themes of  Italian modern style: beetween 1889 and 1894 raised the Mercato delle vettovaglie, which reflect the themes of the iron and glass , built in the years 1903-1905, the Stabilimento termale Acque della Salute, where he applied some innovative elements in reinforced concrete, and in 1907 inaugurated the l'Albergo Corallo,, adjacent to its thermal structure and already with electric elevators.

He is also planned  the location of the new railway station,  at the end of the Avenue of the Aqueducts in order not to interfere  the rails with the development of the city, and at the same time he studied the city plan for the nearby housing project, now known as the Station Quarter.


Albergo Corallo,

Stabilimento termale Acque della Salute

Mercato delle vettovaglie


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