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Vincenzo Alagna  (nato nel 1866 e morto nel 1931)


 Coming from the school of Basile, he used a modernist language due to  his frequent trips abroad. His language was autonomous in comparison to that ruling in the circle of Palermo.

Friend of Pitrč, he  was an impassioned researcher of the  local history and, during his task as Town Councillor to the Public Affairs , he engaged  himself in the safeguard of the monumental patrimony.  His most important work is the Palazzo Dato in Via  XX Settembre in  Palermo,  and other realizations to remember are the buildings Atenasio via M. Stabile, Alagna in via B.Latini, Fanara in via Sammartino, Isnello in via Goethe, Prestana in via Roma e Ardizzone in via Maqueda.

Works: Palazzo Dato a Palermo

Translation of Irene De Angelis Curtis