Arts and Crafts  

During the 19th century Applied Arts met a large audience enjoying an ever-greater success.

Around 1890, Morris‘s Arts and Crafts started the English movement which changed Applied Arts and  reached its peak with the “art nouveau” in Europe and in the U.S.

The agreement between art and industry set the starting point for a renaissance of the Arts and Crafts.

Thereafter, Arts and Crafts exited the restricted area of artistic handcraft thanks to the modern possibility to create precious custom-made objects available to everyone: therefore, upgrading the position of Applied Arts in the art world and awarding them the origins of Interior Design.

The function and pleasure of new creations, in fact, allowed the production of Applied Arts to become an independent art form.

The Liberty brings handcraft and rich decorative style back. They are inspired by original and proper solutions, adjustable to new materials and new production techniques, though originating the first authentic industrial decoration of Modern Arts.


( Translation by Mimma Saggiomo)







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