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Carlo Zen ( Verona 1851 - Lanzo D’Intelvi 1918)


His furniture is exhibited in several national, regional and international shows. As a matter of fact, it was at the exhibition in Turin, in 1898  where are exhibited some fancy and imaginative pieces of furniture, that are similar to the flowery stile, still in embryo at that moment.  Thus, the adventure of the Liberty Style of the Firm Zen started. An adventure that will lead them in only four years to the fast and driving updating of a large part of their production, towards modernism.

Since 1898 he begins also a  public confrontation with the other famous Liberty cabinet makers, such as  Carlo Bugatti and  Eugenio Quarti, who were present, too, at the exhibitions of  Turin of  1898 and 1902 and of Paris in  1900.

Some of his works.

Translation by  Irene de Angelis-Curtis