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Giovanni Sottocornola 
( Milano 1855-1917 ) 



He was lined up with the trends of the cultural group from Milan, he belonged to, Giovanni Sottocornola devoted  himself in the 90s to painting with a social theme, along with the  experimentalism of  Divisionism.

At the end of the century, the artist developed an intimate and familiar thematic, reaching high issues in the application of the Divisionist technique even with the pastel; In 1900 Sottocornola clears up the palette, underlining the hues of indigo, violet and orange colours, in the paintings in oil with larger stokes of the brush rendering softer the first rigour in the application of Divisionism.  In “ Mariuccia”,  1903, the artist uses the pastel to portrait one of his daughters ,a theme linked to the familiar affections that were a main point in his production. He dominates the pastel with skilfulness, a summary technique of his previous painting experiences, and faces the subject with a controller formal rigour, that allows him to obtain a really well gauged  composition, between Realism e Symbolism.

The details from life fade and prevails the evocation of a cosy and intimate atmosphere, depicted with a simplified style where the face of the girl fills in the space of the picture, almost melting with the light of the sun that seeps through and invades the scene.

( Translate by Irene De Angelis )


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