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Antonio Rizzi, ( Cremona 1869 - Firenze 1940 )

Born in  Cremona in 1869, he was in that same town for all his life, working at the curtain of  Teatro Ponchielli (1891) and at the decorations in the Town Hall  Palace  (1928-29), as well as at the pictures of the Civic Museum.  He worked in  Vienna, Berlin, Barcelona, and Caracas, too .

He arrived in Rome when he was about thirty, in 1913 taking part to the  liberty atmosphere of  Biennali Romane.

He got the task of making the four big mosaic lunettes in the  propylaeum of the  Monument to the King Vittorio Emanuele II, the Altar that has been just accomplished by  Giuseppe Sacconi with the famous  botticino marble . The sketches of the four lunettes, simplified and symbolic, that represent  Peace, Law, Unity and Valour, are in the  Museo Civico in Cremona.

He dies in Florence in 1940.