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Rubaldo Merello   
(Isolato, Sondrio, 1872 - Santa Margherita Ligure 1922)

He was self taught. After some experiences in sculpture, at the beginning of 1900, he addresed to painting, fed with symbolist and liberty impressions, while moving towards the style of Divisionists, among which he had friends such as  Nomellini and Grubicy. From the example of  Nomellini,  derived the Decorativism and the utmost  chromatism of  Rubaldo Merello, known above all for his vivid landscape from  Liguria, in which landscapes he achieves outcomes at the limits of naturalistic representation, making the brush sign so living to substitute the given objective.  He was keen on solitary research, in direct contact with  nature, and  he gave  the Divisionism  a  personal interpretation, based above all on the chromatic  arrangement, to which he subordinated any other need of the performance.