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Medardo Rosso (b Turin, 21 June 1858; d Milan, 31 March 1928).
Italian sculptor.

  In 1870 he moved with his family to Milan, where from 1875 to 1879 he attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. After military service he resumed his studies at the Brera in 1882, but he was expelled the following year for protesting against the traditional teaching methods. During this period, in which he produced his first sculptures, he was in contact with the Milanese literary and artistic avant-garde group GLI SCAPIGLIATI, which fostered in him the desire to produce naturalistic art. Rather than traditional historical, literary or allegorical themes, Rosso therefore preferred contemporary subjects: ordinary people and the destitution of modern urban life, which he captured faithfully with photographic accuracy (e.g. The Urchin, bronze, h. 240 mm, 1882; Turin, Gal. A. Mod. Viotti).