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Bartolomeo Giuliano ( Susa 1825 - Milano 1909 )

He was  a student of  C. Felice Biscarra and  Carlo Arienti at the Academy of Turin. He started with historical subjects, dealt with a Romantic taste, but after he took on the new trends, and  the Verism  and his painting acquired solidity. He was for some time also in Florence and in Rome. In 1857 he was appointed assistant of Enrico Gamba at the Academy of Turin; in 1861 he moved to Milan, where he was assistant of  Raffaele Casnedi at Brera. He taught until  1885.  In his last years he devoted to portraits and to landscapes, especially to marine ones, that are maybe his best works. He was also a “litografo”. His works are also at the  Galleria d' Arte Moderna in  Milan and in Turin and at Pinacoteca di Brera.

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( Translate by Irene De Angelis Curtis )