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Cometti Giacomo  ( Turin 1863 - 1938 )


Trained in 1891 in the Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti in Turin under the guide of Davide Calandra and Odoardo Tabacchi, in the following years Cometti becomes a strict  collaborator of Leonardo Bistolfi, staying by his side for over twenty years. Author of some allegoric statues in the Fontana di Mesi created by Carlo Ceppi in Turin, in 1898 he made the commemorative plate for Giacinto Gallina in the foyer of the Theatre Alfieri in the same city. Also active in the field of the decorative and applied arts and in the cabinet-making, he is author of furniture and fittings with a taste of Liberty, which he had exposed in Paris (1900, honor medal), in Milan (1906) and Antwerp (1894).

His Works of fornitures: chairs

( Translation by Alessandra Pigliasco )