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Cadorin Vincenzo ( 1854 - 1925 )

Venetian sculptor born in 1854, he was trained in the studio of Benvenuti, he then studied at the Venetian Academy. In 1883 he exposed his first works in Rome and in the next year he won the gold medal in the exposure in Turin. <<Eclectic artisan, he made use with equal ease of both Rinascimental and Rococò elements… not without paying attention to the birth of the Secession and  the Liberty movements>> (Luisa GIORDANO, Cadorin, Vincenzo, in Biographic Dictionary of the Italians, XVI, Rome 1973, p. 97). His most known work is the gilt carved wooden desk given to the Pope Pio X for his sacerdotal jubilee in 1908; the desk is now in the Basilica della Salute in Venice. He died in 1925.

Some of his works: writing-desk

( Translation by Alessandra Pigliasco )