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Adriano Baracchini Caputi (1886 - 1968)

He was born in Florence in  1883, studying painting at  Micheli’s school ,after he passed under the guide of Gubricy de Dragon, who follows the Divisionist technique, In this way he takes part to shows and exhibitions in Italy and abroad . In  1903 he exhibits at the  Società delle Belle Arti in Florence, in 1907 at  Salon des Peinters Divisionistes Italiens in  Paris. He  exhibits again in Paris in  1908 and 1909 and in the same year also in the Netherlands ;in 1910 he is in  Milan at l Palazzo della Pemanente with the work  "In pieno Luglio", in 1911 he exhibits in  Turin at Promotrice di Belle Arti, and the following year he is in London at the  Mostra dei divisionisti italiani ( The Show of Italian Divisionists). Many exhibitions in Italy  follow during the years, above all in  Rome and at the Venetian  biennales, always together with the  divisionist group. From  1920  to 1929 he exhibits in Livorno with the Gruppo Labronico, and he is one of the founders. In  1922 he is among the artists that  open,  with the first show Bottega d'Arte,  a famous and  important Art  Gallery from Livorno, a gallery that starts in that same year. Many other shows and exhibitions will follow in his career.

He dies in  Livorno in 1968.

( Translate by Irene De Angelis Curtis )